Consider Large Format Printing

Imagine having a large poster or flier printed for your business, using even waterproof surfaces such as a polymer. The cheaper solution is to print out an image on a lot of pages of standard-sized paper and then glue them together on a board, but this is an amateur job and does not scream professional startup or big deal. The better solution is to outsource your pet file to a large format printing service. A pretty good one is now available in your area.

Extra information about large format printing

Uses of large format printers

A large format is printing onto a medium larger than poster paper. This requires a large printer that can feed the large paper or flier material through. The end result is a long continuous print or the ability to mass print poster-sized displays. There are different printers available capable of large format, but they tend to be expensive and are at least a thousand dollars if ink is used. Laser printers of this variety are usually thousands of dollars.

Printing Artwork and Art Prints

Large format printing is excellent for artists all around the world who wish to get their art work printed professionally and on large pieces of high quality paper. Large format printers have a great and vast range of colours and print out at the best quality to avoid any blurriness and the quality of the art print remains. These can then be printed out in bulk and sold so people can display them in their homes and office. Rather than the artist making many copies of a piece of art they can scan the original and print out as many as they desire quickly and efiiciently.


Unless a company intends to print its own advertisement on a regular basis, it probably does not pay to have more than a standard office printer. This specialized equipment is sometimes efficient enough for very large jobs that scale up to greater cost efficiency. It is better to outsource to a dedicated company that knows how to format files and make excellent prints due to long experience.
It is also true that large format printers tend to be a bit costly to maintain and the owner would have to work with them. It is way cheaper to allow a specialist to buy their own equipment and use their expertise to give a much better job than an amateur could accomplish alone. The cheaper printers of this size use ink and are not as accurate or as crisp as the big guns. Allow someone else to accomplish the efficiency of scale for you.


It is also true that more expensive equipment is needed to print onto cloth or a polymer paper. Either laser printing or ink printing would work better depending on the material, and only a pro has all the options necessary to figure all this out. Again, the results are better because a pro is able to wrangle all the technical details.

Saves Time

It also just saves time to outsource a very difficult job. Just as a busy business person does not have time to cook a fancy meal or do all their own chores, very big jobs need a big name to get it done right. Talk to someone who is willing to talk about the needs of your business. They can take the file but will also attempt to assess what the customers needs.

Someone with a lot of experience producing professional fliers will most certainly have a few tidbits in order to make it better. Since a business is represented by a large display, it has a huge impact on the future of the company. Make sure it suggests that your company has been around and will be a while. The investment is your name.